Thursday, May 23, 2013

"LOGIHQ Happiness Recipe Contest"

The "LOGIHQ Happiness Recipe Contest" is open to anyone who can cook.

All you girls & boys, women & men who have a knack for cooking, here's your chance to win a prize and also have your recipe published in a book !! All you have to do is cook up HAPPINESS......!! that's all!

The only criteria is that your dish should give a high level of  HAPPINESS to all who eat it. So send in your recipe for happiness.

Send your recipe for the "LOGIHQ Happiness Recipe Contest"  at

Please note the following conditions:

1. The cooking time for the dish should NOT be more than 15 minutes
2. The recipe should be written in NOT more than 200 words
3. Each entry should be accompanied by a write-up of NOT more than 100 words, describing why and how your recipe is a "Happiness Recipe"
4. Please send a photo of the dish
5. Each entry should be accompanied by your photo, complete postal address, location and contact numbers
6. Also send a brief profile of yours mentioning your educational & professional background in NOT more than 100 words

Deadline for submissions:  15th Aug. 2013
Send your Happy recipes along with other details before the last date to

The best 3 recipes will win a prize and also be published in a book. Apart from this, some other selected entries will also be published.

What's more, all entries selected for the book will have the photo & brief profile of the entrant also published in the cook book.

This is a special gesture from LOGIHQ that we give our writers a page of FREE space to display their photo & brief profile in the book for which their creation has been selected.

So don't think or wait anymore. Just get cooking..........................HAPPINESS...!!

IH Always

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