Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Upcoming Book........"Ek Prayaas........."

Shortly we will be coming out with our next book "Ek Prayaas.......".
The book is a retired banker's effort at writing poetry in Hindi.
51 year "YOUNG" Rajeshwari Srinivasan, who worked with IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India) is coming out with her First book of Hindi poems. She is based at Mumbai.
Have a first look at her First effort of Hindi Poetry writing.............

The book will surely give her and others of her age, motivation to write more and publish their books. Though she had to take VRS because of family compulsions, but now she has the time to pursue her dreams.
After all, it is only after retirement, even Voluntary retirement, that you have more time on your hands to fufil your long cherished dreams.

Rajeshwari has taken this step at 51, but any senior citizens out there, any grand parents, any retired people ............anyone of any age at all...........(even 81 is not too old), here's your chance to convert all your treasured writings into book form !!
Surely nothing excites one more than seeing his/her writings published as a book. You can't imagine the thrill and happiness, real happiness of a much much higher order, that you will achieve when you get to hold your FIRST book in  your hands.

So don't wait anymore. just get sending your manuscript, yes even your very raw manuscript, to us  at   and you will receive your published dream book within a matter of a few months.

IH Always

New Delhi

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