Wednesday, April 22, 2020

LOGIHQ HAPPINESS MOVEMENT...........for the Underprivileged


As a 2nd initiative of this movement, LOGIHQ is involved in distributing FOOD (RATION) PACKETS to the underprivileged, daily wage earners, poor and needy people during these distressing times of the COVID-19 epidemic.

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, India has a number of daunting challenges, one of the most scary one being people struggling with hunger, not having food to feed their families.

LOGIHQ is trying to contribute its little drop in the ocean by

i) DIRECTLY having RATION packets distributed to the deserving underprivileged people

ii) INDIRECTLY by contributing money for distribution of FOOD/RATION packets through trusted & genuine channels, partners and associations involved in providing these essential items to the poor/ daily wage earners/needy people.

So far we have carried out this in 3 states: UTTARAKHAND, DELHI and ANDHRA PRADESH.

Hope to carry out further support to the underprivileged. For someone in the grip of hunger, food is the biggest happiness.

may the LOGIHQ HAPPINESS MOVEMENT 2020 continue in its dedicated endeavour.

stay happy & healthy !


Manisha Gupta
Founder & MD
A HAPPINESS start-up

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