Saturday, February 20, 2021

Calling all Short Filmmakers, Artists, Poets, Dancers, Submit Entries..............

 Here's a call to all creative people -short Filmmakers, Artists, Poets, Photographers & Dancers to submit entries for the

LOGIHQ International HAPPINESS Film Festival & Exhibition  (liHfe)  2021.

The THEME for the Quarter Jan-Mar 2021 is


Anyone above the age of 18 years from anywhere in the world can submit. SENIORS (60 yrs +) have a separate category)

Submit your Short films, One Minute Films, Poetry Films, Dance Films ( 5 minutes max.)

Not only this, you can also submit Written POETRY (ENGLISH) (1 page max.), PAINTINGS (image of the painting) & PHOTOGRAPHS also.

We also have a special section for CREATIVE SENIORS (60 years and above).

All Creative seniors are welcome to unleash their creativity and make submissions in any of the above mentioned categories and win Laurels & Awards.


There will be Quarterly WINNERS who will have their work exhibited in the Annual Awards Event in December in NEW DELHI, INDIA.

There may be some surprise awards too.

We accept submissions via International platforms.

For more details:

Contact us:

Submission Links:


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

CALL for ENTRIES ...........................


The call for entries are OPEN for the "LOGIHQ INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS FILM FESTIVAL & EXHIBITION 2021" , liHfe-2021.

The THEME for the JANUARY-MARCH 2021 quarter is:


All short Filmmakers, Artists, Poets, Dancers, Photographers ABOVE the age of 18 years are invited to submit their short films in the following categories:

.....HURRY and AVAIL the SPECIAL INAUGURAL DISCOUNT  of 15 % for Jan-Mar 2021 !!



One Minute films

Super short films (> 1 minute & <= 3 minutes)

Short films (>3 minutes & <= 5 minutes)

Poetry films (<= 3 minutes)

Painting films (<= 3 minutes)

Dance films (<= 3 minutes)

Poetry (written in ENGLISH) (maximum 1 page)

Painting (image)


Creative Senior Citizens (60 years & above) : in ALL the above categories)


For more details check out:


Contact us at:



Submit your entries via international platforms.

Don't miss the 15 % DISCOUNT valid only for January-March 2021 quarter.



Monday, February 1, 2021

INTERNSHIP Opportunities..............

 LOGIHQ is looking for INTERNS for its "International Happiness Film Festival & Exhibition (liHfe-2021)".

The areas where internship is available include MARKETING, CONTENT WRITING, SOCIAL MEDIA, WEBSITE DESIGN & MANAGEMENT etc.

Anyone interested in internships at the "LOGIHQ INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS FILM FESTIVAL & EXHIBITION -2021" can contact us for more details at:


Saturday, January 16, 2021

CALL for ENTRIES for "LOGIHQ International Happiness Film Festival 2021" are now OPEN........

 The "LOGIHQ International Happiness Film Festival & Exhibition 2021"  (liHfe-2021) is now open for entries.

SPECIAL INAUGURAL DISCOUNT of 15% on all submissions in the JAN-MAR 2021 period.

Calling all Short Filmmakers, Poets, Painters, Artists, Photographers, Dancers and all Creatives at the intersection of any/all of these creative pursuits. 

Also, there's a SPECIAL category for all CREATIVE SENIOR CITIZENS.

All creative senior citizens above 60 yrs. can avail all categories and submit their works/projects and win Awards, Laurels, Trophies and special Awards. 

Awards, Laurels, Trophies and special Awards to be won.

Check out here:


For submission details see:

Start submitting entries now!


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Launch of "LOGIHQ International Happiness Film Festival & Exhibition- liHfe".......

 We are happy to announce the launch of the "LOGIHQ International Happiness Film Festival & Exhibition  (liHfe)".

This is a unique and first of its kind film festival and the focus is on Happiness,  LOGIHQ's basic area of activity.

All filmmakers, Artists, Creators are invited to submit their short films, Animation films, poetry, painting and many more creations. 

There are quarterly winners who get laurels & certificates and Annual Awards for each category. Trophy & Certificate for the Annual winners. 

Hurry and avail the INAUGURAL DISCOUNT for the JANUARY-MARCH 2021 edition.

For more information, check out our website:


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Science film NOMINATED at International Science Film Festival of India-2020.....

  Science short film "The COVID Heroes...??"  is Nominated for the 6th International Science Film festival of India-2020. This Science Film festival is a part of the "India International Science Festival-2020" being held from 22nd -25th Dec 2020 in New Delhi. The festival is organized by the Ministry of Science & Technology, CSIR-NISTADS & Vigyan Prasar, Government of India. The festival will be inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on 22nd December 2020.

Manisha Gupta

Founder & MD


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Pro Bono creativity support during COVID times................

LOGIHQ is offering pro bono support for "Happiness through Creativity" during these COVID-19 distressing times.

Feeling stressed out and tense during this coronavirus pandemic, why not use creativity to bring happiness to your mind.

LOGIHQ will be more than happy to help you achieve happiness through your creativity on a pro bono basis ie: FREE of cost during this pandemic period.

Do feel free to write to us at: