Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Training in Japanese Language & Culture soon........

We will soon be starting training in Japanese language & culture for students.
If you are interested in learning  how to speak in Japanese and know about the life and living in Japan, you can write to us.

XIIth pass / college students can contact us at  ot


Saturday, November 11, 2017

2 more Film Awards for Manisha..........

After the screening & Awards for 2 films in the Dehradun International Film Festival on 6th Nov. 2017, she received two more Awards, for the films- "THE DEADLY VALENTINE  !!" and  "BROOMERANG !!" at a film festival in Delhi on 9 Nov. 2017.

"The Deadly Valentine !!" receives its second Award in 3 days ! ......

"BROOMERANG !!" received  the Special Mention Award for the Best Short Fiction in the category "CLEAN DELHI, GREEN DELHI" , at the inaugural New Delhi Short Film Festival, 2017, held here on November 9, 2017  at the India International Centre (IIC). This is a film on the "SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN", a satire.

"BROOMERANG !!" was also an Official Selection at the Government of India Short Film competition -" SWACHH SANKALP SE SWACHH SIDDHI"-2017.
At the Award ceremony.......

 Her short film "THE DEADLY VALENTINE !!" received the Appreciation Award at the same festival.

And the Mother-Daughter duo, Manisha & Aparajita, the star cast of "THE DEADLY VALENTINE !!" with the Awards...

The posters of the films:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Manisha receives Award from the Great Bollywood Screenwriter & Filmmaker Shri SAGAR SARHADI ji

Ms Manisha's two short films - "GRANDFATHER'S GOLDEN SECRET !!"  and "THE DEADLY VALENTINE  !!" were screened in Dehradun, her Hometown , during the 3rd Dehradun International Film Festival, 2017, 3-5 November 2017. The films were screened on Sunday,  November 5  at the Silvercity Multiplex, Dehradun.

It was a great occasion for her to have the great Bollywood Screenplay Writer, Director & Filmmaker   Shri SAGAR SARHADI Ji present during the screening of her films.
Also, Ms Manisha was honoured to receive her Award from Shri Sarhadi Ji the same evening at a grand Award ceremony held at Hotel Solitaire, Dehradun.....

The Script writer for great Bollywood hit Romantic films like KABHIE-KABHIE, SILSILA, CHANDNI, DEEWANA, KAHO NAA PYAAR HAI etc.  , Shri Sarhadi ji has directed and made highly acclaimed films like BAZAAR.

Ms Manisha's photos of receiving the Award from Shri Sagar Sarhadi ji  at the Award ceremony......


A clipping from the Newspaper "Rashtriya Sahara" of Nov 5, 2017:

During the Screening of the films at Sivercity, Dehradun..........

Here Manisha is seen with her son & the star of "Grandfather's Golden Secret !!" , Atulya Gupta.
He is a budding lawyer studying in the 1st year at NLU-Delhi.

And here is the star cast of "The Deadly Valentine !!"......Manisha with her daughter Aparajita at the Awards ceremony.....

Posters of the films:


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Screenplay at Manhattan film fest 2017

MG's new Screenplay  "BOOKED" for MURDER...??  qualifies as a SEMI-FINALIST at the Screenplay Competition of the MANHATTAN Short Film Festival-2017.

Also, her debut Screenplay "FALL" in SPRING...?? has been nominated as a FINALIST  at the upcoming International Film Festivals in Palermo, ITALY and Las Vegas, USA. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

A poem on "Anaam"

Here is another poem by our "Anaam" poet
.......after a long time....

ओह उदयपुर !
कुछ तो है तुझ मेंजो इस रूह को झकझोर के रख देता है और हमें यहाँबारमबार आने को मजबूर कर देता है
क्या है इन झीलों की गहराइयों में क्या छिपा है उन छोटे छोटे पर्वतों के उस पार इन घूमती, बहकती गलियों मेंइन सुबहों के ठंडे झोंको में
कहाँ ले जाऊँ में उन बचपन की कहकती यादों को उन प्यार भरे लमहों को मंदिरों की घंटियों की पावन गूँजों को जो आज भी मेरे अंदर तक समाँ जाती हैं
यह महल, यह क़िले, यह झीलें,यह नन्हे पर्वत यह रंग बिरंगी सभ्यता यह दिल को छू जाने वाला प्यार, यह सरलता
उदयपुर ओह उदयपुर !कुछ तो है तुझ में


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Screenwriting Award at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, 2017.....

Ms Manisha's Film Screenplay  "BOOKED" For MURDER....???  is an AWARD WINNER at the recently concluded 7th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, 2017.

Photographs from the fest:

New Delhi

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

photos of film festival Award ceremony.....

Award Winner for Best Screenplay  at the 4th NOIDA International Film Festival 2017  for the Screenplay  "FALL" in SPRING...??

Photos of Ms Manisha Gupta receiving the Award for best screenplay at the noida film festival, NIFF-17, in February 2017...........

Winner of the Best Short Screenplay Award at European Cinematography Awards , WARSAW, 2017..

At the 5th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2016.......