Monday, May 27, 2013

How Do i publish my book.....?

     If you have written a book and are now facing the "How do i publish my book ?"  syndrome, this is for you.
   This is specially true of writers in Hindi, more specifically for those who write Hindi poetry. Hindi poems by unknown writers don't have a market, they will be told. In fact even writers writing in the English language, in any genre, face this question if they are first time writers wanting to turn authors.
   Traditionally if you happen to be in these categories of writers, it won't be easy for you to find publishers willing to publish your work. Even if you do, generally, the onus of marketing/promoting the book will be on you, and it goes without saying that you will have to shell out costs towards the publishing process and also buy back a major chunk of the copies of your book. As regards royalty, at the most you can think in terms of a maximum of 10 % (which is considered very high ...!). Moreover, you will most probably have to surrender your copyright. And ofcourse the book will take literally ages to see the light of day.

Then you may ask "How DO i publish my book ??" or "CAN i publish my book ?" or "Is there a way to get my book published ?" or "WILL i ever be able to publish a book ?"...........
Well you could think in terms of publishing it yourself. That is self-publishing it.
What do you gain? lots. literally. Whether in terms of control, rights, royalty, satisfaction, happiness and a lot more. Also, investment (both time & money, which you anyway are required to put in is reduced to very little.

    This is where LOGIHQ can guide you and take you through the process of publishing your book. You (that is the writer/author) will retain the rights (copyright) to your book, get a pretty high royalty rate, be in control of the final look and appearance of the book and the book will come out in about a month's time after you finalise the manuscript. What's more, you don't have to spend a lot of money and have a number of copies stacked up in your place. You can order/print your book in small numbers. After all Digital printing and Print-on-demand are here.
    There are a number of self-publishing solutions available in India too now, as this popular concept has travelled from foreign shores to our country. But LOGIHQ is different. Our focus is YOU.  LOGIHQ's main aim is to give YOU, the writer, happiness, satisfaction and  highest standards of quality at the most affordable rates.
       We don't ask you to choose a package to get your book published. So there is no minimum amount that you will HAVE to shell out. It all depends on your written work, your manuscript. Whether it is a collection of poems in Hindi or English or stories or a novel or a collection of articles/opinions or anything else, you are most welcome to send it to us. Based on our assessment of your manuscript, we will work out the fees applicable in your particular case and you just have to bear those costs and nothing else. LOGIHQ has a very different take on the self-publishing concept. We are on your side, the writer's side, understanding your perspective about your prized creation, that is your book.
  In case you need assistance for publishing your book, you may contact us via e-mail at

Writers who publish their books through us are eligible for our special schemes and privileges.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"LOGIHQ Happiness Recipe Contest"

The "LOGIHQ Happiness Recipe Contest" is open to anyone who can cook.

All you girls & boys, women & men who have a knack for cooking, here's your chance to win a prize and also have your recipe published in a book !! All you have to do is cook up HAPPINESS......!! that's all!

The only criteria is that your dish should give a high level of  HAPPINESS to all who eat it. So send in your recipe for happiness.

Send your recipe for the "LOGIHQ Happiness Recipe Contest"  at

Please note the following conditions:

1. The cooking time for the dish should NOT be more than 15 minutes
2. The recipe should be written in NOT more than 200 words
3. Each entry should be accompanied by a write-up of NOT more than 100 words, describing why and how your recipe is a "Happiness Recipe"
4. Please send a photo of the dish
5. Each entry should be accompanied by your photo, complete postal address, location and contact numbers
6. Also send a brief profile of yours mentioning your educational & professional background in NOT more than 100 words

Deadline for submissions:  15th Aug. 2013
Send your Happy recipes along with other details before the last date to

The best 3 recipes will win a prize and also be published in a book. Apart from this, some other selected entries will also be published.

What's more, all entries selected for the book will have the photo & brief profile of the entrant also published in the cook book.

This is a special gesture from LOGIHQ that we give our writers a page of FREE space to display their photo & brief profile in the book for which their creation has been selected.

So don't think or wait anymore. Just get cooking..........................HAPPINESS...!!

IH Always

Writing Opportunities. Call For Entries.

LOGIHQ has put out the following "call for entries" . Writers(even fresh writers) are most welcome to submit their writings/work:

1. Short Story writing    for School Students of classes VI-XII (closing date:  15th Sept. 2013)

2. HAIKU contest on HAPPINESS  for Everyone   (closing date : 15th Aug. 2013)

3. English Poetry writing for Senior Citizens /elderly population

All these initiatives will culminate in books which will be published by LOGIHQ.

So if you are into creative writing of any nature, here's a great opportunity for you to see your work published in a book. What's more, we at LOGIHQ give our writers a page of FREE space to display their photo & brief profile in the book for which their creation has been selected.

For more details write to us.

we specially promote new writers / first-time writers /unpublished writers of all age groups- specially children /students,  senior citizens/ elders.

so all you writers what are you waiting for ? let your imagination run wild and let your emotions flow through your heart & your creativity through your mind onto the challenging blank white paper .......!!

Happy Writing...!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Have you self-published a Hindi Poetry Book ?

Writers/authors of self-publsihed books,

Are you into writing Hindi Poetry ? Have you self-published a book of your poems ?
If yes, here's a unique opportunity for all self-published writers/self-published poets/authors of Hindi Poetry Books.

LOGIHQ invites self-published books on Hindi Poetry. The best 3 books will win a prize and a ...............surprise!!
So hurry and send in your entries to

Please send the following information along with your entries:

1. Your complete name, location and a brief profile
2. your recent photo
3. The details of your book of Hindi poems (name of book, year published, name of company through which self-published, )
4. A soft copy of the book
5. Any other relevant information

It's a great opportunity for self-published books.
So self-publishers, here's your chance !! Make the most of it.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Writers sending publishing queries......

Dear writers/authors/poets

If you wish to get your books published through us, while sending your publishing queries to LOGIHQ, please note the following:

1. Mention your complete name, location and a brief educational & professional background
2. Send your work sample
3. Please be informed that we will provide you with publishing sevices for a  fee
4. The final decision of going ahead with supporting your publishing venture will be taken only after you have submitted your entire manuscript/work (ie: all poems/articles/stories in case of a collection of these, and the whole book in case of a  book)
5. Books pubilshed through LOGIHQ will be displayed/marketed through our websites/associated sites
6. Currently we are accepting manuscripts in all genres only in Hindi & English

For any more queries, write to us at

We receive a number of queries everyday. To ensure a quick response, do adhere to the above mentioned guidelines.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Looking for a Publisher.......?

Are you a first time writer, a new writer with a book manuscript ready but no publisher ?
Are you an unpublished author with publishing dreams ?
Are you a school student who has written many poems/stories and want to bring it out as a book ?
Are you a college going young creative mind with so much surging within you that you want to put down in book form ?
Are you a Law student/ an Engineering student/ a Medical student wanting to publish your interesting experiences of this phase of your life as a book ?
Are you a retired professional who wants to publish all his experiences of life/writings/poems (even Hindi ones ..! )/ articles/opinions as a book ?
Are you a poet at heart who has written poetry in Hindi and can't seem to convince someone to publish it ?
Are you searching for a publisher for your very first book and don't know where to get it published ?
Are you in the list of writers who have written to umpteen publishers but haven't landed a publishing deal yet ?
Are you so dejected finding a publisher that you want to quit the very idea of publishing your precious first book ?

well, don't despair .
You actually may not need to look for a publisher at all.
After all you can publish your own book now with the concept of self-publishing catching on.
You can just sit back and relax after completing your manuscript while we take away all your publishing hassels.

At LOGIHQ, we provide complete publishing solutions & sevices to writers, specially first time & new writers. We will help and guide you through the entire process of publishing your book.

It may be a novel, a collection of poems, articles, opinions, stories, recipes, training lecture sessions or training modules,  presentations, research papers, fiction, non-fiction, ..............................anything, just anything that you may have written in English  or even in Hindi.

LOGIHQ can help you publish your book or publication of highest quality at affordable rates.

Right from Book cover design to the interior layout to editing, formatting, proof reading etc., you will not be required to bother or worry about anything at all.
What's more, LOGIHQ will design unique and exclusive book covers for your book. After all a book is judged by its cover and so the cover has to be attractive enough.

So if you have written a book and are worrying over its publishing, just send your worries to us  at

You only concentrate on writing. Write....and write....and write....  more.
Happy Writing..!!

IH Always
New Delhi


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great writing opportunity for School Students.....!!

Dear Parents

If your child is in the Class 6 - Class 12 bracket, and has a flare for writing, then here's a golden opportunity for her/his story to feature in the next book by LOGIHQ, a collection of short stories in English by students.

We are inviting school students from classes 6-12 to send us their short stories on the theme

The stories (in English) should NOT exceed 1000 words and should be on the above mentioned theme.

Selected stories will be published in a book . What's more, each child whose story is selected for publishing, will be given one page of free space in the book to display his photo and brief profile.

Please send entries/stories to

Do also send  the following:

1. A passport size photo
2. Brief profile of the student mentioning his age, class and school.
3. Complete postal address and phone numbers
4. The story (Word Limit 1000 words) typed in word
5. Entries should be accompanied with a covering letter, a declaration that the story is an original, unpublished creation of the child.

Please Note: All the above should be typed in a single word file and sent as an attachment along with the photo.

Deadline for submitting stories:  15th Sept. 2013

Best Wishes

LOGIHQ  website: