Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Proof Reading & Editing

LOGIHQ offers Proof Reading & Editing services.
Corporates, Organizations, Institutes, Publishers, Writers et al..............anybody requiring these services can get in touch with us  at

We provide highest quality services at most affordable rates.

LOGIHQ Training & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Retired but still looking for work...??

Are you a retired professional from any field / stream but still want to work ?
Are you looking for a role in an Advisory capacity or Freelance Consultant or any such thing ?
Are you retired but not yet tired and are looking for opportunities to keep you engaged?
Are you a senior citizen / elder person in age but young & energetic at heart ?

In case you are looking for part time engagement so as to keep yourself Intellectually occupied and at the same time contribute towards the Happiness of society, you may like to get in touch with us.
We may be able to connect you to the "just right fit" position.

You can write to us at    along with your CV, photo, Area of expertise/experience and area of future interest.

LOGIHQ may help you achieve "Intellectual Happiness" in your post retirement days.

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