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A New Journey ...towards Intellectual Happiness.!!

LOGIHQ - "LOG into your Intellectual Happiness in your Quest for life"©ManishaGupta2011

"Intellectual Happiness"©ManishaGupta2011


(The words LOGIHQ, Its Full Form and "INTELLECTUAL HAPPINESS" are Copyrights of MANISHA GUPTA. These have been coined by Manisha Gupta and are the Intellectual Property of Manisha Gupta.)

LOGIHQ Training & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

Happiness means different things to different people. And there are as many means of happiness as there types of people. There are also different forms of happiness- from material to emotional to intellectual to spiritual. Though of course happiness is an endless pursuit but you can achieve some percentage of it or at least move closer to achieving it. You can tend towards a state of Happiness, so to say. The first two categories are probably easier attained or nearly reachable, but at the same time may not last long. It is the next two that have longer lasting effects, though of course are slightly difficult to achieve.
Therefore attaining Intellectual Happiness is a very critical aspect of life.
At LOGIHQ we help you attain Intellectual Happiness through two means: Training & Publishing. 

We invite you to join us in this journey ..!! 

Have problems in facing interviews, fear making a presentation in public, not confident about your self, shy from speaking in English, struggling to get the desired job .....?

We have the solution to all these and many more problems of yours at our Training arm..

          We offer Trainings in the areas of Soft Skills, Interview skills, English Conversation, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Emloyability Skills, Leadership Skills etc.
            At LOGIHQ, we help you with Personality Development, Confidence Enhancement and self-Empowerment. We also offer training modules for Engineering or Management students to enhance their employability in the job market. LOGIHQ is a Finishing school for such students where they learn to fly and soar high in life..

Are you a writer, poet, artist or anyone with lots of creativity flowing through your intellect but are not able to bring it into thsi world in the form of a book? we offer you a solution through our Publishing arm.

          Self Publishing-

At LOGIHQ, we offer the self-publishing route to all would-be writers / first time writers. This is an online service and transcends all borders. The self-publishing concept helps you get your work published without having to go through the ordeal of rejection, which is quite common in traditional publishing. Moreover it helps you retain control and rights over your writing and creativity. You are the master of your creations and can remain one if you go in for self-publishing. This concept is quite prevalent in many countries. In India, it is just beginning to gain recognition.

      New and wannabe writers, poets et al, don’t be dejected if your manuscripts have not been able to see the light of the day. Here’s your chance to get your precious writings published. From Hindi or English poetry to your collection of essays or articles to your innovative recipes to any other ideas or creative expressions, you can get any of these published through us. 
   So if there’s a book, poetry collection or articles written by you, piled up in your book shelf, do avail of the opportunity to see it in print. Become a published writer. Send your manuscript to us.  and in case all these writing ideas are still captured in your mind, then just pick up the pen, pour them out, and send to us to see them published. don't let your dream of getting published remain a dream. make it a reality.
       Through this concept, we intend to specially help first time writers. We know what it is like to have a  manuscript ready and not be able to get it a book. and we also know what a book means to a writer. it is his/her dream. we can help realize that dream.   
       We believe each one has a book within them, waiting to come out. Now you even have an easy option to publish it. Do go "write" ahead !!
     Also, in self-publishing, there are no constraints of borders. you may be located anywhere in the world, but you can get your writings published by LOGIHQ through the online mode. Self-publishing process is an internet based service of the company. it uses the concept of POD (Print on Demand) so that you can order as few copies of your book as possible.

Manuscripts are invited from first time writers / new writers.

for more information please contact:

what can be published :
English & Hindi poetry
Collection of art works/paintings
Collection of articles
Blog entries
Your thoughts & musings
Your children's creative expressions (of art/painting or writing)
Your Training materials
Your presentations


Hindi Poetry Contest by the Publishing arm of LOGIHQ

When we think of expressing our inner most feelings & emotions it generally pours out in our own language. And when we talk of love, it is expressed best through poetry and in our language. With the upcoming Valentine's day, we launch a competition of  poetry in Hindi (to begin with).
If you happen to be of the creative type, you are most welcome to send in your poetry of Love to us before the 12. Feb. 2012. The best 3 entries will win prizes, have their creation along with their photo displayed here. What's more, some chosen ones may get an opportunity to get their collection published by us.
So get your "love"ly emotions pouring through your pen and send to us at
Do not forget to send a passport size photo and your complete postal address.

LOGIHQ - "LOG into your Intellectual Happiness in your Quest for life"©ManishaGupta2011

"Intellectual Happiness"©ManishaGupta2011


(The words LOGIHQ, Its Full Form and "INTELLECTUAL HAPPINESS" are Copyrights of MANISHA GUPTA. These have been coined by Manisha Gupta and are the Intellectual Property of Manisha Gupta.)