Saturday, March 31, 2012

Delhi's Definitely Got Talent in Writing !!!

Recently Penguin India had conducted a writing Contest in Delhi as part of its 25 year celebrations. This was called "Spring Fever-2012" and the writing contest was called "Delhi's Got talent".

Some 103 contestents presented their writings in the just 2 minutes that were given to them. and it was amazing how the wannabe writers did a marvellous job in those 2 minutes. we al know that there is Maggi, the 2-minute noodles, but that day we came to know that one could even have a 2-minute narration of one's writing !! Great show, DELHI-Ites !!

The results of the "Delhi's Got talent" contest have been announced and the 5 winners named. Congratulations to all of them for landing a publishing Deal with Penguin as a result of this contest !!!

But , there are still those 98 remaining who, sadly did not win the contest. No problem.  Maybe, if you are one of those 98 wannabe writers of Delhi and still are looking for publishing options, you could try the self-publishing route. And , for that, LOGIHQ can help you achieve your dream of seeing your work in book form.

We are a self-publishing company based in Delhi. So in case any of you writers are interested in publishing your book through self-publishing mode, do contact us.