Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Next Book............

Here's a first look at Shalabh Bhatnagar's Hindi Poetry book  "Zindagi Chand Alfaazon Ki...."

In this book you will see the young poet unfold pages from his diary......................

New Delhi

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Attention Writers/Poets

Dear all enthusiastic writers & poets,

we know how eager you are to bring your writings out into the world for all to read, but we request you not to keep sending your writings/poems to us just like that. No unsolicited work will be entertained.

In case you wish to get your books published through us then you need to follow the guidelines for it. You are most welcome to send a query mail to us specifying the purpose the of the mail in the subject line. our contact emails  are     &

So just sending your work to us at random may not get you any readership but if you are a serious writer and want the whole world to read your writings, the best way is through a published book of yours.

And don't worry even if it is your first ever book. We are there to guide you, handhold you and take you through the entire book publishing journey of yours and ofcourse bring you the outcome - YOUR OWN PUBLISHED BOOK.

So get putting together all your writings/poems/stories/articles.......just any writings in English or Hindi........ and send to us to be converted into a precious book.

Not only writers, even if you happen to be a faculty or involved with training etc., you can get your lecture/training material converted into book form.

So whatever field you may be in, if you write and write and write...............then, the best way of getting your writings a due place in this world is getting it published as a book. Ofcourse finding a traditional publisher to accept your book is a pretty tough and uphill task with years of patience & tonnes of rejections to be taken in your stride. But if you are smart and want to be sure & quick in publishing your book and at the same time want to retain all rights of the book and control over the look, feel and content of the book, then SELF-PUBLISHING is the way to go. Spending a little one time cost to gain so much is not much at all. It is just a little investment which will yield returns in due course and you get to pocket a big share in the returns.

So what could be a better deal than this. No running around , no waiting for a response (which may not come at times), no rejection of manuscript (rejection rate is pretty high in traditional publishing...) no giving someone else the control over your writing work, no giving up your rights over your book and no giving the major share of your profit to someone else...............

Start thinking.............if you've finished writing...........

New Delhi

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Short Story Writing Competition

If you are into writing short stories/fiction in English, then here's your chance to showcase your talent.
We are organizing a Short Story Writing contest.

For details write to us at   or  

New Delhi