Friday, September 25, 2015

Next book of Hindi Poetry...............Coming Soon........

Soon you will see another Hindi Poetry Book titled "Sunhere Rangeen Khwaab...".
This book features the latest collection of poems written by a young poet.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happiness wave continues...............

Here's what PURNIMA MOHRANA has to say about Happiness................

"The moment we enter this world make someone happy and here enters the happiness in our life too. Happiness is when we feel when our parents encourage us to follow our own passion, our own dream. We feel it when even without saying a single word, our friend stay by our side. We feel it when our partner holds our hand even when no one does. We feel it when we become parent and we see our-self in own child. We feel it when life gave everything without saying anything. 

Happiness stays in the root of the tree when it tries to keep itself bound to earth during any natural calamity. It stays in the flower when it beautifully blooms. It stays in the seasons when the color of the leaves changes, when snow starts melting, when sun rays becomes brighter, when the rain drops fills the empty well. Happiness stays in nature.

Happiness stays in a mother's womb when she feel the warmth of the child. It stays in the father's eyes when he see his child grow. It stays in our thoughts. It stays in our heart."

keep going....... keep sending us YOUR own meaning of HAPPINESS !!

IH Always



Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Hi All !!


Here comes the first opinion on "What Happiness means ?", by none other than the winner of the LOGIHQ Hindi Poetry Competition on the theme of "HAPPINESS".

So here's what AMIT KARN has to say about HAPPINESS....................

"Happiness is not just a feeling but the way of life.
Celebration of life with a child like zeal is happiness. From that
very beginning when life born to that very moment when it ends that
feeling of being alive is happiness. From fresh air passing through
lungs to clean water quenching thirst is happiness. To see a plant
grow is happiness. To walk on the shores is happiness. To see a
rainbow is happiness. To get entrenched in rain is happiness. To feel
the sunlight is happiness.
Happiness is absolutely not absolute. It is as pragmatic and vivid as
life itself. Happiness reaches its zenith when love evolves and
further gets reinforced when humanity turns a deaf ear towards all
kind of hatred. Happiness is to live in present. No past scars, no
future expectations, just the experience of this very moment.
Happiness is to have parents, siblings and friends. Happiness is to
have soul mate.
Happiness is to have the eyes to appreciate beauty. Happiness is to
have the intellect to read and write. Happiness is to have the
maturity to accept the failures with grace. And finally happiness is
to recognize your real self and liberalize your soul."

Do move this movement forward by commenting on this opinion or sending in your very personal, unique and fresh take on the meaning of Happiness.
IH Always!!