Friday, October 11, 2013

Attention.............. Writers, Poets, Authors.....!!

All writers/poets/authors sending us queries for getting their books published through LOGIHQ should please note that you submit the following details with your query mails to ensure a speedy response.

We receive a number of queries everyday and those who send all required details with their query mail will get the book publishing procedure faster.

Please mention:

i) your complete name, location, educational & professional background
ii) the language of your writings
iii) the genre of your writings (poetry, fiction, any other)
iv) sample writings

please send all this information in a single word file attachment  at 

we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Writings in all genres are invited.

LOGIHQ strives hard to promote new, upcoming, first time, unpublished writers as well as already published ones. We welcome all agegroups.

So all you writers out there, what are you waiting for?
Just get all the above mentioned details on to a file and send us to enable us to process your publishing queries as fast as possible.

Happy writing....!!

Best Wishes
New Delhi