Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Lift You to A HAPPIER PLANE...!!

LOGIHQ, Acronym for "Log into your Intellectual Happiness in your Quest for life" has been founded with the aim of helping people achieve a higher form of Happiness ie: "Intellectual Happiness".
Our motto is "We Lift You to a Happier Plane".


LOG into your Intellectual Happiness in your Quest for life

 And we continue in our efforts of lifting creative people to a Happier Plane by helping them realize their highest creative potential.
Happiness is perhaps the common goal of all existence. And so we are starting a discussion on this most important subject.
We now invite all of you to share your views on "HAPPINESS".
What does Happiness mean ?  -  What Happiness means to YOU?

please send in your views & comments.
They will be published here. And then can be further commented upon.

join this "Happiness Movement"  by LOGIHQ.
so, what are you waiting for?  send in your views on the meaning of Happiness, as YOU perceive it.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Khushi ke Rang" poets.........

The book "Khushi ke Rang" is getting delayed because some of the winners of the LOGIHQ Hindi poetry competition have still not sent in the required information & details.

So it is upto you, the winners, how soon you want to see the book of your poems published.