Monday, February 13, 2012

A Self-Publishing Company in Delhi

LOGIHQ - "LOG into your Intellectual Happiness in your Quest for life" (©2011)

LOGIHQ  Training & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi-INDIA


At the publishing arm of LOGIHQ , we provide self-publishing services to writers. This follows the POD (Print on Demand) route to publishing your books.
If questions like .............
            "How can i publish my Hindi poetry book ?"
            "How can I publish my Hindi poetry Collection ?"
            "Where do i get my first book published ?"
            "How can i publish my first book ?"
            "How can i get my book cover designed ?"
            "How can i get my training material published ?"
            "Who will publish my book ?"
             "I am a new writer, can i get my book published ?"
             "Can someone help me with publishing of my first book ?"..................

trouble you, then LOGIHQ's self-publishing services are the answer. 

Whether you are a writer, even a first time writer, a poet, a photographer or any creativity oriented person and wish to see your work in book form, we can help you.
Even if you are a Speaker, a Trainer or a Training organization and wish to get your works published, we can help you get it self-published.

We also offer Book cover designing.

For more information please contact:

LOGIHQ Training and Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Friday, February 3, 2012


LOGIHQ - "LOG into your Intellectual Happiness in your Quest for life" (©2011)

LOGIHQ  Training & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi


Hindi Poetry Contest by the Publishing arm of LOGIHQ

When we think of expressing our inner most feelings & emotions it generally pours out in our own language. And when we talk of love, it is expressed best through poetry and in our language. With the upcoming Valentine's day, we launch a competition of  poetry in Hindi (to begin with).

If you happen to be of the creative type, you are most welcome to send in your poetry of Love in Hindi, to us before the 12. Feb. 2012. The best 3 entries will win prizes, have their creation along with their photo displayed here. What's more, some chosen ones may get an opportunity to get their collection published by us.

So get your "love"ly emotions pouring through your pen and send to us at

Do not forget to send a passport size photo and your complete postal address.