Monday, November 18, 2019

8th Anniversary of LOGIHQ...............

Hi All !

It is a great feeling to share that LOGIHQ, a pioneer in the unique and niche field of  "HAPPINESS"  is soon approaching its 8th Anniversary next month.

On this occasion, we will be introducing a new initiative, something as unique and as niche as LOGIHQ itself.

This initiative will be for the most coveted exam in India, The UPSC Civil Services Exam.

So all the Civil Services aspirants out there do keep checking this page for what we may have for you.

Specially the ones wanting to prepare for the Civil Services Interviews in the coming days.

All IAS aspirants, don't be tense, just watch out this space for what you can gain from LOGIHQ in your journey towards achieving the goal of clearing the Civil Services.

With LOGIHQ now completing 8 years, we are all set to begin a new journey towards a new goal.

All the best with your Mains Result....!!


Founder & MD, LOGIHQ

In case anyone wants to send in any questions/queries, do email us at:

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