Sunday, March 24, 2013

New writers/ First-time writers wanting to publish a book...

Have you penned down a lot of thoughts , ideas, poems, stories, opinions, articles, creations......etc.but don't know even the "P" of publsihing, don't worry.

You only need the intent to publish your book/work.
LOGIHQ will guide you through the process and help you create your book.

Even first time writers or fresh writers or unpublished writers can contact us and we can help them come out with a professional looking book.

LOGIHQ offers self-publishing solutions which include editing, proof reading and book cover designing services.

We will be happy to guide new writers regarding publishing of their works.

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Want to publish your book...?

Do you have a wealth of writings and wish to bring them out as a book for all the world to read?
Have you tried to get publishers for your ready manuscript but in vain?
Are you now unsure whether your dream book will ever see the light of day?
Have you been rejected by every publisher you approached?

if yes, then why not try the self publishing route?
after all, its your thoughts, experiences, knowledge, writings, which you wish to share with the world, so why should you give any one else the right to accept or reject it. Let the book reach the readers/audience and the market.

 well, generally probably only 2% of submitted manuscripts are accepted by publishers for publishing as a book. So 98% of the manuscripts don't see the light of the day. and if you happen to be one of those 98 out of every 100, self-publishing may be the answer.

But, in self publishing too, there are many things to work out. First is the quality issue of the book. with the self-publishing industry emerging at a high speed, it is the general belief that quality of the content as well as the book in a self-published book is questionable.

We at LOGIHQ take care that your book comes out with the highest quality.
Also, you, that is the author/writer will have full control over the final appearence of the work.
You will also retain your copyrights.
With LOGIHQ, authors will also get a good Royalty.  

so what are you waiting for?
Just mail your manuscript or book proposal to us and you may soon be in the privileged category of  a published author. You may finally be able to connect with your readers.

For LOGIHQ, it is just not publishing your book, but it is taking you through the entire experience of having your creation brought out into this world for all to read and enjoy and learn. This will result not only in your intellectual growth but will also give you "Intellectual Happiness" ("IH"), which is LOGIHQ's aim.
After all LOGIHQ's motto is "We Lift You To a Happier plane".

IH always


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Self-publishing solutions in Delhi

Have you been rejected by publishers ?? (well, Rudyard Kipling & J.K Rowling too were !!)
But you are still not dejected??  (They and many others weren't..!!)
And would like to bring your writings into this world.....?? (Like others did ..!!)

Then LOGIHQ could provide you the solution through its Publsihing arm.
Contact us with details of your manuscript and your creativity could finally be brought out as a book.

LOGIHQ, based in Delhi, provides affordable, and quality self-publishing solutions to writers wanting to publish their books.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

"Ahsaason Ka Guldasta"...........!!

Coming Soon......................
Hindi Poetry Book by LOGIHQ...............................

एहसासों का गुलदस्ता

Monday, March 11, 2013

Book Publishing

LOGIHQ offers Book Publishing services to aspiring authors.
 So if writing is your passion and publishing your work, your dream, get in touch with us !!