Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Publish your book.......YOURSELF !!!

LOGIHQ - "LOG into your Intellectual Happiness in your Quest for life" (©2011)

LOGIHQ  Training & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi-INDIA

Do you have a book within you...waiting to be published? you want to publish your Hindi poetry in book form or a novel which YOU think is absolutely great....but...sadly, the publishers don't think so. Reason?  well, you are a new writer, an unknown name and so nobody wants to risk publsihing your book.
 But YOU definitely want to do it. well then, just go ahead, if you are confident of your work. and leave the rest to the readers to decide !!
and here's where LOGIHQ comes in.

We are a publishing company based in Delhi. A self-publishing company to be precise.
WE can help new writers & poets like you to come out with your book....even your FIRST book.
So what are you waiting for. If your manuscript is ready, get in touch with us...............and you may soon have your much desired first book in your hands !!!