Friday, January 31, 2014

Self-Publishing your books to enhance your business............

You are not in the business of writing so does it mean that you should not think of publishing a book ? Ofcourse getting a book published is difficult , but then you can think of publishing it yourself.Even if you are not a writer by profession.
In fact if you are a trainer or faculty for example, you have much more reason to publish or even self-publish a book. It could be included in your session modules. If you teach in a university or institute, your book could be included in the curriculum.
If you happen to be a professional who is invited as a speaker to various conferences or workshops, then too you have a reason to self-publish your books on your subject of expertise. Every time you go to a conference as a speaker, there could be an opportunity for your book sales.
There are so many other professions where a book of yours may enhance your business many times. Paying a little to self-publish the book is nothing compared to what you can achieve after you have done it. And the best part about self-publishing is that YOU retain full control, all rights and also earn the maximum profits possible from your book. So if you have written a book, its high time you get it out..........into the world.

In case you need assistance with self publishing solutions, LOGIHQ's publishing arm is there to guide you and facilitate the publishing of your book.

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Friday, January 17, 2014


"Ruhaaniyat"............A book of Hindi Poetry......

This collection of poems is written by Divyanshu, a young Engineer-MBA, belonging to Ranchi and currently working in Oman.

Here's a first look of his book........'Ruhaaniyat"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Call for entries............

If you write poetry in English, here's an opportunity to see it published in an Anthology.
LOGIHQ is inviting entries for a book of English Poetry.

You can send 5 of your poems along with your details (complete name, age,location, brief educational & professional background, photo & complete postal address) to

Please note that this information should be sent as a single word file attachment.

Best Wishes
New Delhi

Friday, January 3, 2014

Do Boond CSR...............................

Read Manisha's latest article .... "Do Boond for Society"  published in "The Financial Express"  &  "The Indian Express"  of December 31, 2013.