Tuesday, July 29, 2014

English Poetry Book.............

Soon LOGIHQ will be publishing a book of English Poetry.
This book contains a collection of poems written by the poet over a period of time.

New Delhi

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

"Hindi Poetry Competition" Results

Coming Soon....................

Results of the "Hindi Poetry Writing Competition" organised by LOGIHQ sometime back.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Should You Self-Publish Your Book.......? Why...............?

NO !! Period.

...............That is if ............ you are a well known face/personality or an established brand in your own field or a writer par excellence with a couple of books already published or a celebrity or somebody or something to this tune.

If you happen to fit into any of the above categories, you definitely should NOT self-publish your book because you don't need to. Many publishers will be more than willing to publish your writings.

But what happens when you do not fit into this "wanted" category?? You just happen to be a passionate poet churning out your emotions in poetic form or a regular, committed writer putting down your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas on paper day in and day out or a writer gifted with the art of writing stories/fiction/novel or you just happen to be a subject matter expert, with years of study, research and experience in your field coupled with the talent to express your expertise in words or even someone with a knack for cooking up new recipes/dishes  or ..............................a similar creative person........but an unknown person or a first time writer...  

What happens then??

SHOULD you self-publish your book THEN??

YES !! Period.

Because, it is no use running after traditional publishers with your manuscript with no results. And, even if you do land up a deal by chance or some quirk of fate, the process will take about 2 years to finally have your book in your hands, while a number of other things will get out of your hands. The control over your manuscript, your subject, your way of dealing with the subject, your returns on the book and most importantly your Rights (including Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) over your book.......all these will definitely be NOT in your control.

With the concept of self-publishing, you get to retain all these things with respect to your book apart from ofcourse getting your book published in as little as 2-3 months time. You can get all this and more albeit for a little investment but the returns are immense. The first and foremost being that your book will be PUBLISHED, which otherwise may have just flitted from one publisher to the next and you accummulating only rejections & dejections and losing hope & gaining nothing.

Getting your writings out into this world for all to read is your major dream as a writer and this can be achieved in such a short time with so many other benefits apart from the happiness & satisfaction of becoming an "Author".

LOGIHQ's publishing arm was set up with this objective of providing self-publishing solutions to writers, even first-time writers or new writers and giving them a higher form of happiness ie: "Intellectual Happiness". Though there are a number of self-publishing companies in India too, but LOGIHQ is slightly different. For us quality comes above quantity and we strive hard to give even a self-published book the perfection and feel of a traditionally published book. Generally self-published books are scorned or looked down upon by people because such books lack quality, standard and class not only in the physical look of the book but also in the content and the expression of the content. At LOGIHQ, we make sure that the books do not have any of these or other negatives and that our books can compete with the best in the market in terms of quality & standard in every sense of the term.

The books published through LOGIHQ undergo a rigorous process of selection prior to being accpeted for publishing. We hope to provide the best possible publishing solutions to writers at very affordable rates.

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Manisha Gupta
Founder & MD