Sunday, July 22, 2012

writers of Hindi poetry.......grab this opportunity to see your work published in a Book....

The publishing arm of LOGIHQ has announced a call for entries for a book of Hindi poetry.
writers/ poets, even new & emerging writers, are invited to send their best 5 poems. if selected, the poems of these writers will be published as a collection (the book). Also, each selected writer will get a page of free space to display his/her brief profile & photo in this book.

Entries/poems have started pouring in for this book. if you write Hindi poetry, do send in your poems, typed in Hindi, in a word file, along with your photo & brief profile. You might see your creations publsihed in this book.

send your entries to

Do not forget to send a declaration that the poems are your oroginal, unpublished works.

Last date for sending poetry:     15th August 2012