Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LOGIHQ Writers of AKG....................

Dear LOGIHQ Writers.........

Your complimentary copies of the Hindi Poetry Book "Ahsaason ka Guldasta" (AKG)

have been shipped.
To order more copies, get in touch with us.

IH Always

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LOGIHQ "Happiness Haiku" Contest

Call For Entries....!!

Do you write Poetry ? in English ?
And...can you write the shortest possible poetry on any topic ?
Well, here's your chance .
Write a Haiku (or more than one Haikus) on  "HAPPINESS" and win prizes.
What's more, your poems may make it to the book which will feature the best Haikus selected from the entries received.

LOGIHQ invites "HAIKUS" on the topic "HAPPINESS".

A "Haiku" is a traditional Japanese style of poetry in just 3 lines and 17 syllables.
It is a shortest form of poem consisting typically of  a 5-7-5 syllable (for English language, otherwise in Japanese it is "Mora") structure, ie: the first & last lines should have 5 syllables each and the middle line 7.

Please Note:
i) one syllable in this context is the "sound unit".
ii) for example the word HAIKU itself has 2 sound units or syllables:  "Hai"  and   "Ku"

The LOGIHQ "Happiness Haiku" contest is now open.
The best 3 haikus will win a prize.
Also, apart from this, selected Haikus will be published in a book.

So let your "INTELLECTUAL" creativity soar to its highest limits and churn out some HAPPINESS for yourself as for others.

For, at LOGIHQ, the aim is to help all achieve a higher form of Happiness ie: "Intellectual Happiness" !!

"Happiness Haiku sure
is tough but you must try your
hand and write one pure !!"

you can send your Haiku poems to

What's more, each one whose Haiku is selected for publishing, will be given one page of free space in the book to display his/her photo and brief profile.

Do also send the following:

1. A passport size photo
2. Brief profile
3. Complete postal address and phone numbers
4. The Haiku in English, typed in word
5. Entries should be accompanied with a covering letter, a declaration that the Haiku poems are  ORIGINAL & UNPUBLISHED creations of the writer.

Please Note: All the above should be typed in a single word file and sent as an attachment along with the photo latest by 15th Aug. 2013.

IH Always

LOGIHQ Website:


Monday, April 8, 2013

एहसासों का गुलदस्ता

LOGIHQ Hindi Poetry Collection     एहसासों का गुलदस्ता

is out.

To order your copies of the book, contact


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

LOGIHQ Writers/Poets of the book "Ahsaason Ka Guldasta"

We had received an overwhelming response for the Hindi poetry book.
Thank you all !

Here are the talented writers whose poems were finally selected for the LOGIHQ book

"Ahsaason Ka Guldasta" .

Atulya Gupta, New Delhi
Anupam Choubey, Chanderi
Ashish Hajela. Ranchi
Aloke Prasad, New Delhi
Dr Jyotsna Mishra, New Delhi
Pawan Kumar Mishra, Bangalore
Piyush Sahay, Bangalore
Prof. Satish Kumar Agarwal, Rourkela
Trishgun Miglani, Aligarh

and one Anonymous.
Thank you all for your creativity !!

IH Always
New Delhi