Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hindi Poetry Book "Dard Ek Tohfa"

Coming soon............

Dr Govind Namdeo's book   "Dard Ek Tohfa"
This is a collection of poetry in Hindi by this sensitive poet.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Attention writers, poets....

Dear writers/poets sending publishing queries to us kindly note the following:

-send all material in readable form
-send your sample and details as a single word file attachment
-do not forget to mention your complete name & location
-the writer/poet himself/herself should communicate with us. Queries/communication from some other person on a writer's behalf will not be entertained. In case of a writer not being able to communicate with us directly, a justifiable & valid reason will be required

Also, please note that we do not publish poems/stories etc. on our websites. Neither do we just review and send feedback on any work. So send us a mail only if you wish to publish a book of your own.

However, we do provide editing & proofreading services in English and Hindi. So if you wish to get your manuscript (book, novel, any other writing) proofread & edited, you are most welcome to contact us. Do mention the purpose of your mail in the subject line.

We get a number of queries everyday. Adhering to the above guidelines can get you a response faster.
Continue your journey into the writing world and if you need publishing assistance or guidance, LOGIHQ is there for every writer.

New Delhi